“Bio” Babies: A GMO-Free Formula

While researching different sources of information regarding GMOs, I found this amazing guide that was put together by Greenpeace France.

The guide attributes a color to the major brands and vendors in the country, with green indicating vendors that guarantee a GMO-free policy, orange indicating vendors that have begun to implement programs to eliminate GMOs from their products and red indicating that the vendor makes no guarantee that GMOs are not used in their products.

It is not surprising that all the major chain markets find themselves almost exclusively in the red. Carrefour, Champion, Monoprix, Leader Price et al stock many products that are produced with genetically modified foods; including their beef, poultry, milk, canned goods, breads and pastries. However, what shocked me above all was that none of these brands offer GMO-free baby foods.

According to the Greenpeace guide, major French baby food manufacturers- such as Blédi, Candia, and Mon Potager- as well as the places that sell these products -including Carrefour, Casino, Champion and Leader Price- are promoting the use and sale of genetically modified ingredients in foods destined for their youngest consumers.

Only brands bearing the official “Agriculture Biologique” label can be trusted as GMO-free. It important to note that this green “AB” label is the only absolute guarantee of non-GMO contaminated products. Other labels, such as the Label Rouge, AOC and IGP. Are considered vague by Greenpeace because these labels don't indicate a systematic exclusion of genetically modified products.



It is imperative that parents keep their baby's best nutritional interests in mind because the multinational companies that manufacture their food definitely won't do it for them. This reality was illustrated nine years ago in India, where Greenpeace found that the popular Isomil baby formula contained GMOs. Isomil's manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories, used crops from seeds issued by Monsanto in the production of the baby formula.

While it is illegal to use GMOs in India without prior approval from a designated committee, Abbott Laboratories made no attempt to seek a permit for their importation and use of GMOs in their Isomil products.

The lack of consideration for living organisms, from the ingredients used in their products to the human beings that consume them is frightening and shameful and can be condemned by simply refusing to buy these poor-quality and potentially dangerous products. Parents can look for the friendly green label when baby food shopping, or pick up fresh fruit and veg and DIY.

Wholesome Baby Food is one of many websites that provides resources for parents who want to mash and purée their own peas and potatoes. They also give advice on how to store and conserve your homemade baby food.