Top 5 Markets That Fit Your Work Schedule

saxe breteuil With over 80 open-air food markets taking place 6 days a week across the city, Paris provides its inhabitants with impressive access to markets where, if you're lucky, you will find fresh, local, and seasonal produce.

But if you, like the majority of the city's residents, happen to have a job with working hours that take up most of your day, morning markets are simply not an option. While a large percentage of Paris markets keep the standard 7h-14h30 hours, there are a few options for Parisians who work 9 to 5.

If you're interested in getting fresh artisanal ingredients on your hours off, here are a few markets that will fit into your work schedule:

marché convention

Afternoon Markets: 

In order to meet the needs of shoppers and their work schedule, the city of Paris has created six marchés d'après-midi, or afternoon markets, which are open during the week and set up shop later in the afternoon and stay open well until the evening. 

While these markets are not likely to have local producers on site (they are usually working on the farm at this time of the day), they can be good spots to pick up organic produce and other artisanal or natural ingredients.

Marché Anvers (Fridays 15h-20h30) is a great place to pick up organic fruits and vegetables. Be sure to visit the chèvre man a put together a selection of his delicious artisanal cheeses.

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Covered Markets: 

I've always thought that Paris' covered markets are some of the most underdeveloped and neglected markets of the city. These beautiful structures are often left only partially inhabited and stocked with industrial produce.

However, there are treasures to be found in these indoor markets, which are open throughout the afternoon and into the early evening, making them a great spot to do some shopping during your lunch hour or on your way home from work.

Le Marché des Enfants Rouges (Tues-Sat.; 8h30-19h30) is one of my favorite spots to grab lunch, the aisles lined with food counters provide ample options for a midday meal and the organic vendors are an easy option for fruits and veggies. Marché Couvert St. Martin (Tues-Sat; 9h-20h) has a selection of organic items, GMO-free meats, and artisanal beers, along with a selection of ingredient-focused restaurants.

Au val coutant Batignolles

Organic Markets: 

The city's three organic markets all take place on the weekends, making them an ideal option for a leisurely day off at the market. Here all the produce is certified organic and some of the best quality you will find in the city.

Take advantage of having access to farm-fresh produce and visit local producers at either Marché biologique des Batignolles (Sat. 7h-14h30) of Marché biologique Raspail (Sun. 7h-14h30).

Marché Alésia

Weekend Markets: 

Many neighborhood markets that are open during the week also set up during the weekend. While locals flock to the market on Saturday and Sunday mornings, it's worth braving the crowds and seeing your quartier come alive as neighbors and familiar faces line up to do their weekly shopping.

Some of my favorite neighborhood markets include Marché Ornano (Sun. 7h-14h30), Marché Saxe-Breteuil (Sat. 7h-14h30), and Marché Place des Fêtes (Sun. 7h-14h30).

march cent quatre

New Wave of Paris Markets:

The new generation of Paris markets are not sponsored by the city itself, but rather organized through community groups or associations cooperating with the farmers themselves. The result is an exciting network of markets that adapt to the busy life of the urbanite.

Associations like AMAP and La Ruche Qui Dit Oui arrange for local points of collection that are often in the evenings during the week- providing the market experience without infringing on office hours.

Other markets, such as Marché Sur L'Eau and Marché Bio du Cent Quatre have fixed locations, but are scheduled to work with your working schedule.