The $5 Challenge

This Saturday, the Slow Food movement is asking eaters everywhere to take the $5 Challenge. In response to the fast food "value meal", Slow Food is asking participants to make meals that cost only $5 per person.

As Slow Food argues, this challenge is important in proving that "slow food shouldn't have to cost more than fast food."
Leading up to the event, the organization is asking people to share and creat $5 food recipes, offering inspiration to the frugal gourmet chefs who will flock together on Saturday the 17th to sit down amongst Slow Foodies to enjoy their own home-made versions of happy meals.
Intrigued by the idea, I decided to take the challenge a little bit early. Keeping in the $5 spirit, I even converted my 5 euro to USD, setting a $3.65 budget for my thrifty, nutritional lunch.

I left my menu to the whims of the coop, making decisions based on what they had in stock. While very veggie-centric, I ended up with a delicious meal that covered the nutritional bases and left me feeling full and satisfied, even after a grueling session of boxing that afternoon!
Here are the euros and centimes of my meal, broken down (all food was purchased at the biocoop in the 17th, rue Legendre):
Heirloom Tomatoes: €1.12
Sweet Potato: €0.87
Lemon: €0.15
Sunflower Seeds: €0.45
Fennel Bulb €0.72
Whole Grain Coucous €0.33
Total: €3.54
And here's what I made:

It was super easy and nice and slow- I roasted the fennel bulb just like my friend Terresa taught me to do (and used the special olive oil brush she gave me just for this very purpose!)

The fennel was accompanied with a lemon juice dressed couscous, heirloom tomato and sunflower seed side and baked sweet potato (this was the slow part). Yum!
It was so good and I couldn't even finish it- I have couscous and a half a sweet potato to spare!
So now it's your turn to take the challenge! What can you make for $5?