Marché du Mois: Marché Point du Jour

Marché Point du Jour Marché Point du Jour, located on the outskirts of the 16th arrondissement, sets up along avenue de Versailles three times a week. Offering the neighborhood a large selection of produce, dairy, meats, fish and specialty products this classic market typifies what I've come to expect in my explorations of the city's marchés.

I always pick one end to start at, and wander from there- making sure I leave no stand left unturned. There are certain things I've come to expect from these market visits; vendors teasing and waving at me as I take photos, ladies of a certain age cutting in front of me in line, and having my feet run over by those wretched caddies (I know it's futile, so I won't even try, but if I had the energy I would wage war on these unwieldy arm extensions that trail behind shoppers, destroying everything in their wake).


The unexpected is always a welcome surprise and, as jaded as this may sound, finding a new farmer at a market always comes as a shock. Marché Point du Jour was well worth the long trek from my cozy corner of the 18th, which I realized when I spotted the Levasseur stand, which was proudly emblazoned with a pennant declaring their maraîchage.


Farmers from the Ile-de-France, the family makes the 30 minute trip into Paris from their farm in Yvelines three times a week. In addition to this market, they also set up a stand at the market in nearby Rueil-Malmaison.

This is a tricky time for farmers- that in-between-season spell when winter légumes are fading away and our springtime favorites are not yet in full force. Therefore, the transition harvest was sparse yet not lacking in an opportunity to pick up some locally-grown basics; apples, leeks, spinach, and swiss chard.

Spring seemed to arrive more swiftly for Maison Lenoble, whose stand was already stocked with the season's first strawberries and cucumbers. I suspect greenhouses had something to do with this, but didn't quiz them on the point as I was content enough  to see a second Ile-de-France farmer at the market and, honestly, just as equally amped about the prospects of eating strawberries for the first time in a year.

First Fraises

I had encountered Maison Lenoble months ago at Marché Convention and committed to memory the fact that they were also present at Marché Point du Jour. The hope that good things come in twos was what inspired me to make the trip to Maison Lenoble's second location and I'm glad that I did, because I can report that -among the caddies and photogenic veggies and vendors- local producers abound at this market and bring with them the promise of spring.

Marché Point du Jour

Avenue de Versailles 75016

m° Porte de Saint-Cloud (line 9)

Open: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday 7:00am-2:30pm