Marché du Mois: Marché Jourdan

Organic produce at Mathieu Corvaisier's stand at Marché Jourdan Marché Jourdan, which opened in early October, is Paris' newest open-air food market. Spreading along the boulevard Jourdan, the market brings local and organic produce to the outskirts of the 14th arrondissement.

While the city's website promises a variety of poissonniers and fromagers in addition to local and organic produce, when I visited the market on a Wednesday I found the stands to be rather scarce though I imagine that, as is the case with many markets that are open both during the week and on the weekend, the market perks up significantly on Saturdays.

Locally grown chou rave

Having said that, Marché Jourdan comes through on its promise of fresh, local produce with additional organic options.

Johan and Lucie bring seasonal produce grown on their family farm in L'Essone department of the Ile-de-France. Scattered amongst their home-grown fruits and vegetables you will also find more foreign fare from afar, such as lemons and avocados. But the stars of their stand remain the gorgeous heirloom carrots and root veggies such as cabbage and celery root and a wide selection of potato varieties.

Production Familiale at Johan and Lucie's stand at MArché Jourdan

If you're looking to buy out-of-season but certified organic, visit Mathieu Corvaisier's organic stand on the corner of boulevard Jourdan and rue Monticelli.  Here you will find a seasonally inspired selection that also offers access to tomatoes in November and pretty much anything else you might need if you're craving a ratatouille en hiver.


Marché Jourdan

boulevard Jourdan 75014

M° Porte d'Orléans (line ')

Open Wednesday and Saturday 7h-14h30