Marché du Mois: Marché Joinville

Locally grown apples at Marché Joinville, 75019 If you follow rue Riquet, home to a selection of go-to spots in in Paris' latest up-and-coming neighborhood, you'll end up in the 19th arrondissement at the Bassin de la Villette. It's on this embankment that you will find, every Thursday and Sunday morning, Marché Joinville.

I visited the market on a recent rainy day, one of the most solidly down-pouring days that we've had this season. I Dodged umbrellas and the elderly, who often walk into you or cut in line while shopping- especially when dry spots under the market awnings are at a premium.

A rainy day at Marché Joinville

As usual, my quest was to find a local farmer. After a few rounds up and down the market I feared I had made the rain soaked bike ride to the market for nothing. Fruits and vegetables from Morocco and Spain filled the market stands and cardboard boxes and out-of-season produce were aplenty.

Signs of the disappearance of farmers from Paris markets were at every turn, until I stumbled upon a stand that gave me hope even when spotted from yards away. I approached the earth-covered piles of apples, celery root, carrots, potatoes, and beets, quickly confirming that I had found an Ile-de-France farmer!

Ile-de-France grown produce

The Cattiaux family has a farm in Le Plessis-Bouchard in the Val d'Oise department located just north of Paris. The farm is less than 30 kilometers (about 20 miles) from the city, and a wide range of seasonal vegetables are grown on site and brought directly to the market.

I stocked up on apples, beets, radicchio, and broccoli all for under 6 euro. See- fresh food can be affordable, too!

place de joinville

Marché Joinville 

Place de Joinville, 75019

m° Crimée (line 7)

Open Thursday and Sunday 7-14h30