Marché du Mois: Marché Couvert St. Martin

Marché Couvert St. Martin gets festive during the holiday season Located close to the Marie du 10ème Arrondissement is the Marché Couvert St. Martin, one of Paris' warm and welcoming covered markets. The "covered" aspect of the market is particularly appreciated as the temperatures have turned cold and shoppers are happy to have a roof over their heads at any opportunity.

Like many other covered markets, such as  Le Marché des Enfants Rouges, Marché St. Quentin, and Marché Couvert Beauvau, Marché St. Martin offers little in fresh produce. However, what the market lacks in fruits and veggies it makes up for in hot lunch options.

Au Comptoir de Brice, one of Marché St. MArtin's restaurant options

St. Martin is home to eateries including Thai Street Food, which offers affordable Thai lunch menus, and Au Comptoir de Brice, a restaurant/caterer/cooking school mixture founded by chef Brice Morvent.

A former contestant on the television show "Top Chef", Morvent opened the Comptoir just under a year ago. The menu changes on a daily basis, with homemade, traditional Mediterranean-inspired French food predominantly represented. Brunch is also served on Sundays from 11h-14h.

Elaborately stuffed and garnished game fowl is GMO free at the Market's butcher shop

A variety of specialty stands line the halls of Marché St. Martin. In winter, poissonniers offer specials on oysters and other shellfish which are a staple for many of the season's holiday meals. The butcher assures that their products contain no GMOs and exhibit their craft proudly in display cases that showcases stuffed pheasants, hens, ducks, and guinea fowls.

Artisinal syrups, jams, fruit juices, and honey are available at the fromagerie

The fromagerie has a nice selection of French and international cheeses as well as shelves of preserved and pre-packaged goods that would be nice to have on hand or to hand off as presents, such as sachets of bon bons, artisinal fruit syrups, honey, and fruit juices.

Bon Bons at Marché Couvert St. Martin

An organic food stand is found at the center of the market and while it doesn't stock fresh vegetables, it does have a selection of herbs and spices, sauces, and dried goods. At the back of the market is a German stand which is particularly festive during the days leading up to Christmas. Chocolate Santas, Christmas decorations, and winter brews  transport a German-style Christmas market to Paris for our enjoyment.

Sapins de Noël at Marché St. Martin

Marché Couvert St. Martin

31-33 rue du Chatêau d'Eau, 75010

m° Chatêau d'Eau (line 4)


Tuesday-Saturday: 9h-20h

Sunday: 9h-14h