Marché du Mois: Marché Anvers

Happy Saturday to you! If you're like me and getting off to a slow start today you might be wondering if you'll make it to the marché before closing time. I however, am tranquil because I already picked up my organic peaches and apricots at Marché Anvers.

This market, located in the 9th arrondisement, is perfect for us not-so-morning people because it sets up shop late in the afternoon (15h) and stays open well into the evening (usually around 20h). The Summer slow down is in full swing in Paris and due to that fact, the marché at Place d'Anvers seemed scanter than I remembered it. The chevre guy for example, who always has a little flirt and a joke for his customers, was probably off sunning himself in the sud. His absence was sorely felt, but there were still some courageux vendors doing business, including an exclusively organic stand, a poissonerie, and my favorite- the olive dude.
I headed straight to Monsieur Olive and picked up some almond stuffed green olives for an apéro later that evening. I hadn't planned on picking up too much produce as I didn't want to lug it around the city, but I couldn't resist stopping at the organic stand and asking for a half dozen apricots.

This Summer's sleepy sun that refuses to show its face seems to have slowed down the ripening process (the cherry tomatoes growing on my balcony have been green for a month!) and ready-to-eat fruits are hard to find. These abricots were soft and fuzzy and good-to-go. Sensing my excitement, the gentille vendor offered I taste their flat peaches, which I immediately added to my order.
Here is some news for you: flat peaches are awesome. This is true for two reasons: They are delicious and they don't get your face all messy when you bite into them. Mother nature really did us a favor when she allowed for these squished bite-size peaches. Try them for yourself, they are the perfect peach.
I left Marché Anvers happy with my harvest and pleased that I could revel in some late night debauchery, miss the morning market, and still have fresh organic fruit for brunch.
Marché Anvers
Place d'Anvers
m° Anvers (line 2)
Open: Friday afternoons 15h-20h30