Marché du Mois: L'Echoppée Locale

Editor's Note: Unfortunately L'Echoppé Locale has shut down since the time of publication
his month's marché is special because it is the only one of its kind. While not a marché in the traditional open-air market sense, L'Echoppée Locale embodies the farmer's market spirit more fully than many of the city's weekly outdoor markets. This is because L'Echoppée Locale stocks only products from producers in the Ile-de-France region.

The people behind L'Echoppée Locale are clearly loyal to their shop's mission statement, refusing to stock any product that wasn't made within the confines of the region, and the result is delightful. The shop manages to offer a wide variety of products (mostly bottled, canned, or preserved in some way) and shopping their is like taking a true tour d'Ile de France.
While there are few fresh vegetables for sale, one has a tempting choice of items that would make great gifts for your favorite locavore or creative accents to your next meal. La Rose de Provins and Le Coquelicot de Nemours make several appearances as pretty-in-pink limonades, bon bons, honey, and even in vinegar. A coquelicot liquor was also packaged up among a selection of great under 15 euro gifts which included local mustards and confitures.
Local beers are also on display, I picked up a bottle of Biere de Brie that I didn't get a chance to taste at the Ile-de-France Soirée Maltée. Next time I go back, I'll be sure to pick up a bottle of local wine, the Vin des Coteaux de Suresnes (15.80 euro). I'm sure this vin de table would go well with the Echoppée Locale's cheese selection, which advertises artisinal Brie amongst its choices.
Overwhelmed by the choice, and wanting to take something home that I could try that night, I settled on the Beer de Brie (6.30 euro) and a bottle of Coquelicot Limonade (5 euro) that I mixed with some of my homegrown mint and (store bought) vodka to make a refreshing pink and green cocktail.
L'Echoppée Locale is a requirement on the route of any locavore, check it out and take some of the Ile-de-France home with you!
L'Echoppée Locale
237 rue Saint Martin
Paris 75003
Open Tues.-Fri. 10h-19h
Saturday 14h-20h