Marché du Mois: La Maison POS

La Maison POS is more than a shop, it's a metanarrative- both a particpant in the worldwide locavore movement as well as a humble neighborhood corner store that brings locally grown food even closer to home.

Pierre Olivier Savreux, who opened the shop a year and a half ago, was kind enough to show me around the small, economically used space.
He had been busy arranging the crates that were delivered from Normandy that evening and would be sold the next day, "Tomorrow we will have carrots, cabbage, and bunches of laurel. That's it."
Despite his downplaying of the stock- I did spot some crates of kiwi and apples later- the store has a lot to offer.
Maison POS also stocks many other organic non-perishables, such as honey, wine, sausages and olive oils. The goal of this marché remains simple: to sell a few carefully selected, super fresh, products from not too far away and to stock only what can be sold in a day in order to make room for the next day's delivery.
The selective stock is meant for a select clientele. Savreux told me that he aims to serve the locals, people living in the neighborhood who can pop in and pick up a few things on their way home.
The store's hours reflect this mentality- they are open in the morning for a few hours and then close to reopen the doors for the on-the-way-home-from-work crowd, staying open late for those keeping metro,boulot,dodo hours.

Savreux stocks products he likes and is faithful to the items on his shelves. "We have six wines," he explained to me, "if people want to drink another kind of wine, they can buy it somewhere else." This kind of faith in the product inspires a trust in the decisions POS makes when it comes to bringing the farm to your table.
Most of the products available at POS are from the Normandy or Brittany region of France, including some amazing artisinal butters and cheeses that are currently in stock.
Savreux was clearly proud of his dedicqtion to keeping prices low for his neighbors- the wine is sold at cost and he refuses to inflate prices on speciality items like honey and olive oils, which are often quite costly in organic markets. The store also sells their daily soup, homemade and served up for the modest price of 1 euro a bowl.
Maison POS brings a much welcome militantism when it comes to finding quality products at a reasonable price- so much so that it makes one consider moving to the 11th just to have this bonne adresse in their neighborhood! But for inhabitants of quartiers all over France and the world , this corner store serves as an inspiration, proving that local food vendors can be selective and successful at the same time.

Maison POS
90 rue de Charonne
m° Charonne
Mon: 17h-21h30
Tues-Fri: 11h-14h30/17h-21h30
Sat: 10h-10h