Marché du Mois: Marché Bercy

If you mention the Bercy neighborhood to a Parisian, it will likely evoke memories of giant concerts at the arena or date nights spent at the movie theatre in the cour St. Emilion shopping center. 

While this corner of the 12th arrondissement may only be visited by most on the occasion of a Beyoncé concert or a blockbuster film release, there is more to Bercy than the cinema and superdome. 

On Wednesdays and Sundays, place Lachambeaudie welcomes a small market that wraps around a quiet street. The market is made up of the usual vendors- fishmongers, fromageries, a stall with Lebanese specialties and, of course, fresh fruits and vegetables

Local commerce also gets into the spirit of the market, with the nearby butcher offering a Sunday afternoon hamburger special and the neighboring florist seemed to take special care arranging an assortment of spring blossoms outside their shop. 

There are no local farmers at Marché Bercy, but there is an orchard owner from the Seine-et-Marne region of Ile-de-France who brings a variety of apples to the market in beautiful wooden crates. 

Marché Bercy also has a stand dedicated not only to organic produce, but also bio grains and other dried goods. Their selection of fruits and vegetables was a mixture of seasonal and out-of-season varieties imported from abroad. Still, it was one of the most popular stands at the market, proof that consumers are paying more attention to the quality of their food. 

After picking up a few pommes or even a hamburger to go, head to Parc de Bercy which is the perfect place for a Sunday picnic. The park is located on a site that used to be the city's wine warehouse- dating back to the 13th century when Paris was a large wine producing region.

The area in and around the park, which during the wine heyday was not technically a part of Paris, was known for rowdy parties and cheap wine- due to lower taxes on the beverage thanks to its being sold outside the city. The park has a much calmer vibe than its wild past, and you can now visit a small patch of grapevines in the center of the park to pay homage to the city's winemaking history. 

Marché Bercy

place Lachambeaudie, 75012

m° Cour Saint-Emilion (line 14)

Open Wednesday 15-20h and Sunday 7h-15h