La Cave Café

The zinc bar at La Cave Café is a perfect spot to enjoy a glass of natural wine After over a year of being under construction, La Cave Café has reopened to the delight of locals and visitors of the 18th arrondissement. When Arthur, the American owner of this corner café, converted this space from a touristy restaurant into a charming bistro in 2006 he created a true neighborhood gem.

The renovations have resulted in a larger kitchen but have happily left the interior largely untouched, with the classic zinc bar and open, airy salles providing room for glasses of natural wine and performances by local musicians.

Natural wine is served by the glass, or in different sizes of carafes

Newcomers to the menu include American microbrew Brooklyn Lager and Irish favorite Smithwick's Ale. Both are available for only 5,50 € a pint during the daily happy hour (18h-21h).

Natural wine still dominates the adult beverage menu at La Cave where 3,50 € will get you a glass of non-filtered, low sulfur wines from various French regions. The wines are served on tap and therefore can be ordered in various carafe sizes, perfect for sharing and overindulging (low sulfur=low/no hangover, so go wild!).

For the moment, the bar is open at 18h, but soon the kitchen will be open and serving brunch, lunch, and dinner. Live music is featured throughout the week, with enjoyable jazz acts animated the occasional Sunday evening.

Live music and local musicians are featured at La Cave Café

La Cave Café is one of the addresses that makes me happy to live in Paris- the kind of place that has an ambience that is rarely encountered or recreated. The 18th is lucky to have its beloved Cave back in business.

La Cave Café

134 rue Marcadet, 75018 m° Lamarck-Caulaincourt (line 12)