In Season: Navets

I first met independent farmer Marc Mascetti almost two years ago when I wrote about Marché Monge, where Marc is the only local producer. The situation seems the same at Marché Port Royal, where Marc sets up his stand on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I went to visit Marché Port Royal with Kristen of The Kale Project because she had a lead on some kale being sold there. Turns out it was the energetic and enthusiastic Mascetti who was selling the kale, along with other homegrown goods.

Among his produce, the bright purple blotched turnips stood out to me. Realizing I've never bought navets,or turnips, in my life, I asked Marc what one does with this root vegetable and the answer was rather simple- Marc grabbed a knife, cut open the navet and offered me a slice. Turns out all you have to do with a turnip is eat it, "with the apèro" Marc suggested with a smile.


What: Navet (Turnip)

When: November 6, 2012

Where: Marché Port Royal, 75005

Who: Marc Mascetti, whose farm is located 34 km South of Paris

How: You can enjoy turnips raw, as Marc advises, or prepare them in a mash, gratin, or stir fry.

The New York Times article Giving Turnips a Second Look provides great recipes for this "under-appreciated and often overlooked" vegetable.