Food Rituals: Pizza Party

Every Wednesday, me and Clément hold a pizza party for two in our little apartment. Pizza Night is the one night of the week that I consistently look forward to. On Wednesday morning, Clément gets up early to make the dough and let it rise all day, and in the evening, I pick out a bottle of wine and come up with ideas for toppings on my way home.

Pizza Night became a weekly ritual when my mom sent us home from California this Summer with a pizza-sized baking dish and me and Clem decided to try to recreate Pizza My Heart's menu.
We quickly worked through all of their veggie options and then moved on to our own creations, including Winter Pesto pizza and pizza topped with home-marinated artichoke hearts!
Pizza night is our food ritual, in all the time that we've practiced Pizza Night, I think we've only rescheduled once or twice. Like any one who works from home or has a busy life knows, it's important to organize and prioritize your time, allowing yourself to say no to anything that might conflict with what precious time you have to spend with the important people in your life. Every week, we prioritize pizza and in doing so we also value the time we get to spend together.

This is the first time I've ever kept up a food ritual for so long, but I know it isn't anything new- it occurred to me that a lot of my readers probably have their own food rituals that they share with their families, friends, or themselves on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis.
If you have a food ritual, please share it with us. How did you come up with it and why do you keep up the ritual? If you don't have a food ritual, I challenge you to give it a try. It's something nice to look forward to during the week and a lovely thing to come home to at the end of the day!
And of course, ideas for new pizza recipes are always welcome!!