Eating & Drinking in Paris: Le Verre Volé Cave and Epicerie

Cosy and neighborhoody, Le Verre Volé is one of my favorite restaurants in Paris. Their menu changes with the seasons and the wine list favors matching natural wines. I'll often stop by the Verre Volé to pick up a bottle of wine to go- but these mealtime visits are troublesome because they are both torturously mouthwatering  (it is hors de question to grab a table on a whim- reservations are a must) and cut short due to the fact that the sommelier doubles as server and is rushing around the small space with plates and bottles, menus and wine suggestions.

Luckily, Le Verre Volé has opened two outposts in response to the overflow of eager oenophiles and visitors with a ventre vide.

Le Varre Volé's cave à vins is located on rue Oberkampf and is equipped with a large selection of natural wines as well as a friendly staff who is happy to help you choose the right bottle for any occasion. As a novice natural wine lover, I was happy to discover a new address to get a fix, and one with so many bottles I had never seen before! I was really just there to look, but ended up making up a meal for the sommelier to match a wine with. There is a wide selection of wines under 15 euro and I ended up with Thierry Puzelat's Clos du Tue-Bouef a Gamay and Pinot Noir blend from Cheverny.

Just around the corner, on rue de la Folie Méricourt you'll find Le Verre Volé's épicerie. This small store is stocked with artisinal French products including regional mustards and dried beans and oils and vinegars as well as natural French-made fruit juices and jams. They also have the artisinal and all-natural ice cream brand, Terre adélice which I have only seen in a few places, such as the Marché Couvert Beauvau.

The épicerie also has a sandwich counter where fresh deli meats and cheeses are folded into fresh baguettes to make exceptional sandwiches that can be eaten at the large table in the store, while reading the available literature on natural wines and biodynamie or wrapped up and taken to go, to enjoy as you visit the nearby Marché Popincourt or make your way to enjoy Absolution products at L'echappée Spa.

Le Verre Volé bistro & cave à vins

67 rue Lancry, 75010. Open 7 days a week- reservations required

Le Verre Volé cave à vins

38 rue Oberkampf, 75011. Call for hours, usually open starting from 16h.

Le Verre Volé épicerie

54 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011. Monday: 16-20h, Tues-Sat: 11-20h30, Sun: 10-13h.