Marché du Mois: Marché Biologique des Batignolles

Arguably a wise (and unintentional) financial choice, but undeniably a foolish one, I forgot that my wallet was in another bag at home when I visited the Marché Biologique des Batignolles this past weekend. I think it was a mixture of my cloudy nasal infection state of mind combined with the excitement I felt about visiting this market that had been so highly recommended by bio-friendly buddies such as Terresa from La Cucina di TerrESa that lead me to make such a rookie mistake, but no matter what, I had to practice extreme self-control in order to not try to barter my way into a potiron paradise.

Despite the fact that I was unable to take anything home from the market, I was still able to get a lay of the land and take in the sights and sounds of the market.
Like the Marché Raspail (see Day 55), Batignolles is 100% organic and largely local. While the two organic markets are similar (you can get the same veggie galettes at both and the seasonal veggies obviously aren't going to change) Batignolles seemed to have more selection

in the dairy department, with several fromageris lining the aisles and the cosy smell of French cheeses lingering in the air. There were also quite a few bakers selling beautiful artisinal breads and cakes present at the market. I must admit I was a bit gutted to not be able to buy a lovely Gateau au Noix to bring home to my chéri.
While wandering down the aisles I rememberd the fact that I used to frequent the outskirts of this market when it was on my running route a few summers back. I remember that the warm weather brought out an organic blueberry farmers and that I always lusted for fresh berries as I ran by on my way to Park Monceau. I may not run by the market anymore, but I decided that I will run to it as soon as blueberry season rolls around, and maybe even bust out my jam recipe in order to preserve their goodness.
Marché des Batignolles
Boulevard des Batignolles
Paris 17eme
M° Pl. de Clichy or Rome
Open Saturdays from 9h-14h