Every time I'm in the States I stop by Trader Joe's and stock up on their Green Tea mints, which are delicious and cute. So I was pretty stoked when I was at the Salon Marjolaine last weekend and I found Green Tea & Bergamote lozenges made by Biopastille.

Biopastille's lozenges are not cute- unlike the Trader Joe's version they are not a shiny green color that ressembles neither the green of tea or of any mint variety. They are also a little less delicious because they have no added sugar or flavors. However, they remain a pretty great alternative to Trader Joe's, as they promise the same benefits of antioxidents and function as a natural picker-upper.
The company was started by an organic farmer named Roland Chabanol who was looking for something to subdue his urges for cigarettes while he was trying to quit smoking. The result are these accacia based gems which are cold-pressed to retain the nutrients of the various plants that flavor each pastille.

Biopastille products include tea and coffee based options, as well as fruit and other plant infusions. I picked up their Green Tea and Vanilla varieties for 2.20 euro each. You can find biopastille at certain Bio Generation stores in Paris (you can find a dull list of locations on their site), you can also check out all their flavors and eventually order your biopastille online.