Salon Marjolaine

This weekend will be the last opportunity to go visit the Salon Marjolaine , Paris organic and sustainable living exposition located in the Bois de Vincenne's Parc Floral. I made my way through the crowds and took in some sights at the Salon yesterday, and I think the event has something to offer everyone, except maybe claustro/agoraphobes, who may find the small aisles and massive crowds a bit off-putting. As a HUGE fan of Paris' annual Agricultural Exposition, I looked forward to visiting a new agricultural event with fellow organic appreciators. While the Salon Marjolaine is sorely lacking in the animal part of the get drunk+hang out with farm animals equation that makes the Salon de l'Agriculture such an awesome event, Marjolaine has its own particular charm.

It was great to see associations like the Confédération Paysanne, the Faucheurs Volontaires, and Greenpeace, and I learned about a new association called the Sea Shepard conservation society which takes on the threats to sea wildlife and their natural habitat.
The members of Sea Shepard showcased an interesting and inventive product called the Moulibox (35-40 euro), a mini composter that can be kept inside and used to recycle food and other organic waste. The box comes complete with 150 worms to get you started. This 100% made in France wonder product was invented with the intention of getting people involved not only in composting but, as their site says, "an act of citizenship....that could become a way of life".

I would be remiss in writing anymore without bringing up organic booze. The Salon Marjolaine has plenty of it, from organic and several sulfar free wines to an extensive collection of microbrews that I have never seen on the shelves of biocoop. We particularly enjoyed Natural Mystick, which is made from hemp and sold by a dude who looks like he knows what to do with hemp. The beer is brwed in Brittany, with home-grown hemp replacing the standard hops.
With the exception of the beer and probably some other home products that I didn't get to because I had to break from the crowds at some point, I'm not sure that you can find a ton of things at the Salon Marjolaine that you couldn't just find at your local biocoop, but it was nice to see the masses come out and celebrate organic living. If I were to urge someone to go visit the Salon, it would be because of the food vendors. You should definately go on an empty stomach and most certainly taste freely of all that is offered.
I love it when vegetarian food is the norm and not the exception and that is certainly the case at the Parc Floral for the next two days. I noshed on vegetarian spring rolls (with tofu) and salivated when I saw seitan pot roast on the menu. There were also lovely looking pumpkin fries and soups and all kinds of veg-friendly sandwiches with veggie paté and tofu spreads. Yum!

I'm still looking forward to getting tipsy and hanging out with some huge bunnies when the Salon de l'Agriculture rolls around, but I found the Salon Marjolaine to be satisfying in that it validates a lifestyle choice and brings it's followers together to eat, drink, and all the rest...

Salon Marjolaine
'Til the 14th of November
10h30-19h30 (open late -until 21h-on Friday 12
Parc Floral Paris 12th
metro: Chateau de Vincennes