Ode to Basil

I think one of the first things we planted in our new apartment, before our tomatoes and maybe a little after our grapevine, was this basil plant. I bought it for 3.50 euro at the greengrocer downstairs, which I've done several times while living in Paris, but this basil plant exceeded every expectation I've ever had for raised-in-a-pot herbs. A truly noble Paris Paysanne bio-product.

Last night, for our special celebration of my five year anniversary with Paris Pizza Party, I harvested what might be the last leaves of our little basil buddy. Although he's still putting up a fight and sprouting little green shoots, I don't think it will be long before the cold gets to him and his days are numbered.
So I salute you, loyal basil plant, and thank you for what will most likely be our last fresh basil pesto pizza of this party season. You will be replaced, but not forgotten!!
Recipe for Bye-Bye Basil Pesto:

Step 1: Throw the last lingering leaves of your made-it-to-november basil plant into a blender
Step 2: Mix in 4-5 tablespoons of olive oil and some pine nuts (or peanuts or walnuts if the pine variety is too pricey)
Step 3: Add parmasean (or not, for a vegan or poor man's pesto), some salt and a pinch of nutritional yeast, if you've got it. Don't forget a head of garlic- a little goes a long way.
Step 4: Blend it up and throw it on your pizza or pasta
Step 5: Wait until next summer when you can have a new basil buddy to bring joy into your life.