Ginger Lemonade!

When winter weather kicks in, I love busting out this lovely lemonade, sweetened with unrefined sugar and with an added kick of ginger. Lemons and ginger are both high in Vitamin C and Magnesium which means that they both aid in the absorbtion of the great-for-your-immune-system Vitamin C. For the nutrition-minded drinker, this quaff is an ideal winter sipper and immunity booster. For those of a more taste-oriented persuasion, I can assure that this a real pallet pleaser, and it goes great with whiskey, as well!
So, here's what you need:
6-8 lemons (if they're hard to find/expensive/out of season, I think you could probably just replace these with limes)
Lemon zest, from two or three of your lemons
14 cups of water
4 inches of fresh gingeroot, cut into dimes
2-3 cups of unrefined sugar, depending on how sweet your tooth is
And here's what you do:

Step 1: Throw sugar, water and sliced ginger root into a big pot, bring to a boil (stir occasionally)
Step 2: While the water/sugar/ginger mix is coming to a boil, squeeze the juice from your lemons into another bowl. Zest two or three of your lemons and throw that in there as well.

Step 3: Once your water mix has come to a boil, remove it from heat and let it cool for 10-15 mins.
Step 4: Remove the slices of ginger, using a straining spoon
Step 5: Once the sugar ginger water is good and cool, add your lemon juice/zest. Stir well so it all mixes to gather. Have a taste and adjust accordingly, adding more water to offset sweetness, etc.

Step 6: Figure out a way to get the juice into bottles that will seal well and conserve your elixir for the matter of days it takes you to drink it all!
I hope you this drink brings you health and happiness in the coming Winter months!!