Jardins Partagés à Paris

I stumbled upon this tiny community garden in the 10th arrondisement while wandering around the city the other day. The "Jardin Partagé Victor Schoelcher" inhabits a small, unfenced space that doesn't seem a likely spot for a garden. Right next to the bustling rue du Faubourg Saint Denis, the shared space boasted crops such as healthy sunflowers, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce and flowers. There may have been other hidden treasures, but the garden seemed to be a bit forgotten and needs tending to.

I did a little research and found that the garden is part of an organization called Jardinons Ensemble which aims to help the development of community gardens in France. The association offers workshops and trainings on subjects such as composting in the city. They also organise events and visits to other farms and vineyards.

It's exciting to know that there is a movement of people encouraging community gardens. I would love to hear from anyone who has seen one of these gardens or is familiar with associations that are dedicated to this cause.

It was really exciting to see produce growing in an urban environment, such a nice surprise and the proof that you can grow a lot with a little space.

I hope readers are getting as excited as I am about the season. How great would it be to eat a home grown salad for dinner? Lettuce is definately on my list of things to grow this month!