A Little Market

Lately I've been having a great time seeking out and meeting producers and designers in Paris. From the boys behind Gallia beer to Feyza , the woman behind locally "handmade to order" Ika bags (keep your eyes out for ucoming articles on Gallia and Ika, to be published soon on Girl's Guide to Paris).

I enjoy meeting artisans who choose to follow their creative whims and make something to share with the world. I think that's why A Little Market was such a warm, fuzzy find for me. This French version of Etsy unites producers from all around France and offers the venue for sharing the fruits of their labor.
The site is militant in it's support of handcrafted goods, encouraging visitors to "Achetez Fait Main". A Little Market is fit for those who like to keep it local, by giving browsers the opportunity to shop locally by clicking on their region in France and locate nearby vendors. A Little Market's dedication to community organizing is something to be appreciated. The site offers several mediums for discussion, exchanges, and communities to be formed within communities (there are 48 "families" included on the site grouping people together under themes such as "Art-Handicap", "Créà Corsica", and "Les correcteurs d'Orthographe")
The site is stocked with items ranging from accesories, clothes, products for children, paper products, as well as "piéces pour création" or, in other words, the ingredients for making your own treasures with your own two hands. I've had a lot of fun wandering around the virtual aisles of this market and I'm going to highlight a few of my favorite vendors here.
Memi the Rainbow
Code name Memi is an Italian student living in Paris. She makes all things cute and little. Like Japanese-style cute. I don't even like that kind of cute, but I love Memi's online store. Check out her natural cotton shopping bags (32 euro), her cute-as-a-button buttons (where the expression comes from?, 6.50 euro) and her range of office supplies like
I encourage you to have a look for yourself! Your support not only encourages local and quality production, but also supports these vendors in pursuing their creative endeavors.