Bio Bakeries: bread & roses

Despite my very recent discovery that baking doesn't have to be synonomous with anxiety attacks and poor results, I am still always on the lookout for soemone else who will bake for me. That's why I ask guests to bring dessert to dinner parties and I am inspired to continue my constant treasure hunt for great bakeries in Paris.

Even though it's a bit off my beaten track, making it more of a rare indulgence than a recurrent provider, bread & roses fits into the pretty great bakery category.
Since it uses all organic ingredients and makes breads that are perfect for cold winters and somewhat fruitless seasons, bread & roses makes a great winter addition to my organic bakery list.
I'm not familiar with the history of this bakery, so I don't know if, like Rose Bakery (another great organic bakery/restaurant located at 46 rue des Martyrs, 75009 Paris), there is an anglophone behind this enterprise, but both the name and menu are proof to an undeniable anglo influence.

Bread & Roses' restaurant prices were a bit cher for my taste- once I saw them I was happy I had chosen a simple french bistro in the neighborhood for lunch instead of sitting down in their somewhat cold (and pricey) seating area. But the prices for breads and pastries aren't prohibitive considering the quality, even in this quartier chic, and I was pleased to find a wide array of desserts that are severely lacking in my French diet- carrot cake and cream cheese frosted cheese cake, for starters.

I ultimately decided on a slice of lemon cake because I'm a sucker for icing (another rarity in Paris) and it seemed the lightest option available- I made the rookie mistake of going to a bakery on a full stomach, alas.

Bread & roses also bakes muffins (3 euro each)and crumbles (19.80-24.50 euro per kilo), which are nice to set aside for your breakfast or afternoon tea.
More seasonally speaking, bread & roses offers beautiful levain raised breads ranging from Irish soda bread, Parisian baguettes, and dried fruit breads. I was particularly intrigued by their selections of breads and brioche incorporating fruits like lemon peel, orange, figs, apricots and raisins. These breads promise to offer what the French call éclats, or bursts, of fruit flavor.
Before leaving I tasted their Christmas fruit cake, which would have been a tall order for my burgeoning baking skills to try recreating at home. Bread & roses provided a welcome complimentary lesson to my growing knowledgeof baked goods, making them yourselves can be relaxing, but finding a great bakery can be decadent.
Bread & Roses Bakery and Restaurant
7 rue Fleurus
75006 Paris
M° Notre Dame des Champs (line 12)
25 rue Boissy d'Anglas
75008 Paris
m° Madeleine