Marché du Mois: Marché des Producteurs de Pays

This month's Marché is a bit special because it's occurs only once a year. So if you missed the Marché des Producteurs in Paris this year, I hope I can encourage you to visit it next year. Held annually at about the same time (early December) the market takes place in the charming Village St. Paul (Paris 4th m° St. Paul).

French producers from various regions around the country, such as Dordogne, Charente, and Perigord, come to sell mostly canned, preserved or dried goods. While there were a few fresh items at the market, like vegetables and cheese, many displays included bottled and canned items that are fit for the holidays, either on the table or as gifts.

One particular vendor caught our eye with his much appreciated vin chaud and later with a bottle of his tasty merlot/cabernet sauvignon mix. A product of winemakers Denis and Vincent Benoit in the Charente region, this wine was a real find and reminded my a little of the Californian wines I love to enjoy when I'm visiting my family.
When I got home I was dissappointed that, in typical French fashion, these great wine producers have nothing in the way of a website and hardly anything ressembling an internet trail. While I believe in letting the wine speak for itself, I am glad that they do some marketing and asked me to put my name on their mailing list, I hope to hear from them in the near future, and I'll let you know where to find there wines once I figure it out!
Denis and Vincent's wine has largely affordable price tag (4.50 euro for their Merlot and their Merlot /Cab mix) and a well-balanced flavor which makes their product not only a trésor du marché but also a testament to the Marché des Producteurs itself. Despite the chic neighborhood where the market is held, the producters alter nothing with regards to price and product, everything is affordable and of good quality.

Similarly, we had the pleasure of taking home chèvre made from organically-fed goats in Dordogne. For 2 euro each, both fresh and aged chèvres were a delicious companion for our wine selection.
While I stopped filling up my basket at that point, meat eaters can be assured that there was enough fois gras, confit de canard, and meats of all sorts to keep you stocked for tho holiday season.
The Marché des Producteurs is a great spot to pick up authentic French specialties as well as meet the people who make them. Include this Marché du Mois in your plans for December 2011, I'll be sure to remind you the next time around!
Marché des Producteurs de Pays
Village St Paul
Early December- Fri., Sat., Sun.