Holiday Gift Guide: Homemade Gifts!

Homemade gifts are awesome and I refuse to believe otherwise, even if they turn out wonky or unworn, what parent, sibling or significant other hasn't stowed away a loved one's lavish or lousy creation to be treasured for years to come.You can develop all kinds of crafty gift-making skill sets like candle making, silk screening, or making edible treats like jams or baked goods, but my craft of choice is knitting- a skilll which I've recently advanced to include not only scarf making capabilities, but also booties, hats, and mice!

There are quite a few places to buy yarn and knitting supplies in Paris, the Marché St. Pierre in the 18th is a Mecca for fabrics, attracting sewers and knitters alike. I also like La Drogerie which is located near Les Halles in 1st arrondissement, they have a wide selection of wool and other types of yarn of all colors, making the experience as visually appealing as being a kid in a candy shop.

If you're looking strictly for organic wool, however, the choices get a bit slimmer. Fibris (40 boulevard St Marcel 75005, M° Gobelins or St Marcel) offers organic yarn as well as knit clothing for men, women and kids in it's Paris store. You can also order yarn (5.50-10 euro)directly from their site.

I also found this online guide , which offers a list of online vendors of organic fabrics, including cotton and hemp fabrics and yarn made from yak's wool!
If you want to be extra resourceful and DIY, you can check out this post by Patti Wigington on, which explains how to make "Plarn" out of plastic. The concept is simple, by cutting strips out of plastic bags and tying them together, you can amass a ball of plarn and make some pretty great recycled creations like a meta-grocery bag or reusable growing containers.
Have a happy, crafty Christmas!