Becoming a Paris Paysanne

It has only been 100 days since I decided to do my food shopping outside the confines of the flourescent-lit aisles of industrialized food stores, choosing whole and local foods over corporate products that are farmed and fed to us under the control of a for-profit system which refuses to consider health and sanitary measures with the slightest importance.
Starting this blog has led to huge changes in my life. In the past 100 days I have found alternate sources of food, in the coops and open-air markets of Paris, where agriculture and community come together to provide the valuable service of exposing locals to local and organic food.
I have not only discovered new food sources, but I've also made my own creations with new foods. I've fermented and produced pickels, salsa, sauerkraut, jams, and kimchi. My shelves are stocked with bulk grains and seeds and savory nutrients of all sorts. My kitchen is a center of culinary creativity and my investment in food has become just as important as the people enjoy meals with me.

Choosing to do my shopping Not at Carrefour has brought me closer to food sources, community projects, and to the pleasure that is assuming my right as a consumer, voting with every meal against the food industry and the corruption of our food chain and environment.
I know that I am not alone in feeling this way and that there are others in our city and all around the world who want quality foods from authentic and ethical sources. It is for this reason that I hope to inspire a networking of people who want to take part in the exciting experience of growing and producing their own food, within the context of the Paris Paysanne project.

Paris Paysanne aims to bring our community together to inspire projects like urban gardening, food preservation, and DIY projects that extract us from corporate food and the capitalist economic system and bring us closer to community, creativity, and agriculture.
Check out Paris Paysanne's website (in French and English) which includes the project's mission statement, a list of resources for anyone interested in the topics addressed by this blog, and a link to our Facebook Page.
Please support the movement not only by "liking" our page, but by sharing your experiences of local growing, eating, and shopping experiences in Paris or wherever you have put down roots!

By joining the Paris Paysanne page you can get in touch with people who are interested in both growing and producing food locally and in an urban environment.
Paris Paysannes can exchange ideas, advice, experience and the fruits of their gardens with each other, inspiring community and self-sufficiency.
I do hope you'll join in and spread the message. It doesn't take 100 days to become a Paris Paysanne, but the feeling gets better every day, you'll see!