Paris Vegan Day 2013 + Seed Bombs!!

A fresh batch of Seed Bombs at Paris Vegan Day When my friend Aurelia brought up the possibility of being involved in this year's Paris Vegan Day I was excited about the prospect, but unsure of what to contribute. The event's ambitious and encouraging organizer Deborah, however, knew exactly what to do with me. She swiftly assigned me to brainstorming about all things urban gardening.

Big and small projects alike were dreamt up as the urban gardening équipe grew to include the amazingly talented and creative Luc and Anna. Our team decided that Seed Bombs, or "Bombes de Graines", would be a great DIY project for the event and, after Anna whipped up a test batch at home, we were ready to share this simple project with Paris' veggie community.

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Urban Gardening is all about finding space- no matter how big or small- and making it as green as possible. Seed Bombs allow city dwellers who may not have access to a garden or other outdoor spaces, to increase their city's flora by throwing a seed-packed dirt bomb into vacant lots, abandoned areas, and anywhere in need of a little beautification. 

Seed Bombs are ridiculously simple and unfailingly fun to make. I was delighted to see people getting their hands dirty as they made their own bombs throughout the day (and less delighted to see the unfortunate few who thought the end product, which resembles a chocolate truffle, was actually edible).

Foodie Underground founder Anna Brones with two eager Seed Bombers

Many people who visited our table asked for instructions on how to make their own Seed Bombs at home or with school groups. To that end, in partnership with Foodie Underground , we've put together some simple instructions for making them yourself.

You can find the instructions in PDF form (in French) by following this link. Or you can check out the instructions in English on Anna's site or at the end of this post.

I love the idea of participants spreading the word and spirit of guerilla gardening and hope you will share these instructions with anyone you think may be interested.

Thanks again to everyone who visited us at our tables! I hope to see some wildflowers sprouting in unexpected places around the city this Spring but until then, bombs away!

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How to Make Seed Bombs


Clay - you can use clay powder or actual red clay, even clay soil from your back yard - anything that will help hold these balls together



The mixture of clay, compost and seeds can vary, but shoot for approximately the following ratio:

5 parts clay

3 parts compost

1 part seeds (make sure you are choosing seeds for plants that are native and local to your area)


1. In a large bowl combine compost and seeds and mix together with your hands. Wear gloves if you're afraid of dirt. Although if you're afraid of dirt, maybe consider some dirt therapy.

2. Add in the clay and mix together until everything is well blended. The mixture should be moist and easy to form into balls. If it feels a little dry, add in a little water to get it to form better.

3. Form into truffle-sized balls (no, don't eat them).

4. Set them out in a sunny place for about 24 hours. They're ready when they are hard and dry.

5. Throw your seed bombs into any abandoned, urban spaces that are in need of some greenery!