Prends-En De La Graine! Inspiring Seed Exchanges in the 18th

I was thrilled to learn that Prends-En De La Graine would be distributing seeds and bulbs in front of the 18th arrondissement's mairie this weekend. My cherry tomato plants were winding down and my cucumbers met an untimely demise after this Summer's lack of sun and sudden typhoon-like tempêtes and I was eager to update my planter boxes.

Despite the fact that my Summer garden wasn't as successful as I might have hoped, I remain optomistic about the potential of a fall garden, and the Prends-En De La Graine event arrived right in time to inspire me to start planting.
Prends-En De La Graine is a movement based in the 18th arrondissement, led by a small group of urban gardners dedicated to making their neighborhood bloom.
The project is simple and efficient. On a given weekend, Prends-En De La Graine sets up a distribution point and invites people to come throughout the day to pick out some seeds to sow on balconies and windowsills throughout the city.
This weekend's event focused on distributing bulbs to plant in expectation of Springtime blossoms of crocus, daffodils, narcisus, and tulips. Other seeds were available as well, including parsley, pumpkins, and chestnuts.

While the seeds are distributed for free, donations of both seeds and spare change are welcome- with a particular emphasis this year on creating an environment of exchange where people share their own seeds and bring home some new ones
I can attest to the awesomeness and all around win-win aspect of seed exchanges. I had a ton of fun sprouting and sharing the tomato seeds that Céline gave me with friends and even got hooked up with some Kale seeds in exchange, thanks again Christy!
After picking up some pumpkin and chestnut seeds from the Prends-En De La Graine event, I rushed home and reorganized my balcony garden under a warm October sun. I'm looking forward to seeing the new additions grow!
Has anyone else started planting for Autumn or Spring? I'd love to hear what you've got growing!