Marché du Mois: Marché Couvert de la Croix de Chavaux

On recent expeditions to research an article on the best addresses in Montreuil I discovered the lovely cafés, restaurants, and community resources this charming suburb of Paris has to offer. 

Marché Couvert de la Croix de Chavaux, Montreuil

Marché Couvert de la Croix de Chavaux, Montreuil

Montreuil has a rich agricultural history, having once been the site of many market gardens and orchards growing the famed Montreuil peach. 35 hectares of peach orchards still remain and have been preserved and protected by the association "Murs à Pêches" where you can visit and delve yourself in the city's agrarian past. 

While most of the market gardeners have disappeared and Montreuil is now becoming more known for it's craft beer, with fantastic local brewers Deck & Donohue and La Montreuilloise, than it's locally grown produce there are still a few treasures to be found at the central Marché Couvert de la Croix de Chavaux

Fresh herbs at Marché Couvert de la Croix de Chavaux

Fresh herbs at Marché Couvert de la Croix de Chavaux

Open on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday mornings, the market is home to a mashup of faux bling jewelry, tawdry textiles, and a few vegetable stands in between. It's easy to spot the good stuff among the industrial and I headed straight to a small table of earth-covered veggies that could only be home grown. The small selection included root veggies, herbs, and beautiful bright green zucchini

I recognized this as the stand that my friend Romain had been telling me about. Though usually run by a woman, on the day I visited it was her father behind the stand. He was smiling and helpful as he picked out two lovely zucchini to go with my fresh bunch of peppermint

Marché Couvert de la Croix de Chavaux is a great spot for fresh herbs such as mint, cilantro, and parsley and unbeatable prices. Add to that whatever extras you can pick up from the remaining market gardeners in the area and you'll have a true taste of Montreuil! 

Marché Couvert de la Croix de Chavaux

Place de la Croix de Chavaux, Montreuil

m° Croix de Chavaux (line 9)

Open: Thursday, Friday, and Sunday 8h-13h

Deck & Donohue: Something Brewing in Montreuil

Thomas Deck and Mike Donahue (photo courtesy of Deck and Donahue) The Ile-de-France craft beer wave is cresting and will crash the shores of the Seine this May, when the city hosts its first ever Paris Beer Week featuring tastings, events, and meetings with the region's favorite artisanal brewers.

Some faces (and bottles) at the events may be familiar to you by now, with Paris-based Brasserie de la Goutte d'Or enjoying widespread appreciation throughout the capital and craft beer bars finding their place in Paris nightlife.

Trouble #6, Mission Pale Ale, Monk Brown Ale, and Indigo IPA

Thomas Deck and Mike Donohue are the newest additions to Paris' craft beer scene, with their range of beers inspired by their Alsatian and American roots, respectively. From their well-balanced and super drinkable pale ale and blonde to their smooth and aromatic brown ale (which Thomas would quickly tell you has a "velvety mouthfeel"), Deck and Donohue are bringing craft beers to the market for both beer lovers and the beer-curious. Even the IPA, a tricky brew to introduce to the Stella-accustomed Parisian, is approachable and keeps bitterness at bay just enough to be a perfect gateway beer to the wondrous world of IPAs.


Open since March, the Deck and Donohue headquarters are in Montreuil, just east of Paris, where they do everything from brewing to bottling to labeling and packing the beers. The pair have already found a place among Paris brewers, which Mike says are "ready to stick together and help each other out". Banding together, small craft breweries such as Outland, My Beer Company, Deck and Donohue, and La Brasserie de la Goutte d'Or are carving out a space in the local beer scene, which threatens to be inundated by imports.

"It's a bit ironic to see the Brooklyn is the widest available craft beer in Paris right now," Thomas explained "but I think it's also very encouraging and shows a lot remains to be done to show that beer can be a tasty and flavorful product, and not a generic thirst-quencher, or a one-time souvenir from the countryside."

Deck and Donahue's Montreuil brewery

Deck and Donohue's ales and IPAs are making their way to market and can be found at what are likely already your favorite Paris bars and restaurants- including Holybelly and Les Trois 8- with many more to come.