Buy Local Bandwagon: A Best of Buying Parisian

French candidates for the presidency have recently become proponents of the "Made in France" movement and are integrating this mantra into their campaign platforms in a major way.

While Bayrou and Sarkozy do a Tour de France, visiting factories and manufacturers producing goods within the hexagon, journalists on the other side of the pond are picking up on the trend, talking about "The New American Localism".

While "localism" and "Made in France" may be the buzz words du jour, I am excited that they are entering common vernacular and that even the most corrupt of politicians is getting behind the basic idea that buying local is an important political and economic choice that benefits the community.
Over the past year, I've had a lot of fun finding spots to support the super-local, places where you can find products produced in the Ile-de-France region that Paris calls home. For those of you getting on the localist bandwagon, here is a compilation of posts describing some great addresses where you will find local foods and products. Enjoy!
This 100% organic market in the 17th offers a wide variety of seasonal produce, with local producers in attendance. My favorite Ile-de-France vendors are the Maraichers from Meaux.
This post gives addresses on where to find Parisian-made honey and some lovely French beers. Note that the Cave à Bulles now stocks the Montreuil microbrew Zymotik!
This market is home to one of my favorite local producers, located only 34 km from Paris Marc Mascetti brings his local produce to the market, often offering heirloom and rarely seen varieties of local vegetables.
This Valentine's Day post offers ideas for lovely local gifts that are sure to make loved ones smile no matter what time of the year.
This French version of Etsy includes several producers from the Ile-de-France region.
All about the one brand to rule them all!
Find out more about Parisian microbrews!
This boutique in the 3rd arrondissement exclusively stocks products from Ile-de-France.
I hope you have a chance to check some of these places out. If you have any of your own Ile-de-France addresses I'd love to hear about them!