Absolution: Organic cosmetics made in France

My article on Paris Spas in the Huffington Post introduced me to a ton of great spots to relax and recharge in the city. One of my favorite discoveries was l'Echappée Spa, where weary urbanites can tuck away and enjoy a heated swimming pool and a full-service hammam along with the gamut of traditional spa services.
L'Echappée Spa provided a window into the world of respite that is available to over-worked Parisians, as well as a doorway to a new discovery: the French-made cosmetic brand Absolution
Absolution is a range of unisex cosmetics that can be customized based on your mood or, more importantly, the whims of your skin. Absolution products are used in all of L'Echappée Spa's facial treatments, which is fitting as one of the brand's goals is to strike "the right balance between an eco-conscious and urban lifestyle" and I can't think of a better place to strike that balance than at L'Echappée.
The concept behind the products is simple: you invest in a base cream- either for the day or night version- and then you choose from a variety of solutions ("Controle", "Eclat", "Energie") that you then mix in to a dab of the base cream, adapting that day's care to your particular caprice. 
The containers are constructed so that one can easily dispense a dollop a day and whip up a creative cocktail for your skin care regime.
The coolest bit about Absolution is that the entire line of products is both made in France and made with organic ingredients (59% from organic farming and 99% from natural origin). 
While the products come with a price tag typically associated with high-end skin care (prices range from 30-69 euro), they also bare a seal of approval from Ecocert,  a trustworthy organic certification authority.  So if you're able to spend a little more on beauty supplies, why not support locally made and authentically organic products?
Absolution cosmetics can be bought in Paris at the main office in the 3rd arrondissement (19 rue Béranger) and at  L'Echappée Spa (64 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011) as well as  in a handful of stores scattered around Europe. Products can also be bought online and the company has just launched a new American Online Boutique !