A Spooky Ah-Lo-Ween: 6 Ways to Spook a Parisian

Happy Halloween (or as the French say "Ah-Lo-Ween")! While pronouncing the "H" at the beginning of English words might be the scariest thing a Parisian is faced with, here are a few other frightening aspects of Paris living. This Halloween à Paris spooktacular was thought up along with the fabulous Francofly herself, Jessie Kanelos Weiner, who illustrated our ideas of ways to make the French freak out!

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6 thigns to scare Parisians_avis d'impot_jkw.jpg
6 things to scare Parisians_Smoking_Jkw.jpg
6 things to scare Parisians_anti-cannelle_jkw.jpg
6 things to scare parisians_pigeon_jkw.jpg
6 things to scare Parisians_door_jkw.jpg