Paris Paysanne Podcast Episode 9: Paris Restaurant Trends, Craft Beer in the City, & How to Buy Meat

In episode 9 of the Paris Paysanne Podcast we talk to sommelière Stefania Genisio about predicting Paris restaurant trends, Mike Gilmore about brewing craft beer in the city and, in our first installment of Buying Things with Lise, we talk to chef and teacher Lise Kvan about buying and preparing fresh meat.An Exploration of Food Culture in Paris

Paris Paysanne Podcast Episode 8: The Grape Harvest

Welcome to Season 2 of the Paris Paysanne Podcast. This episode is all about the grape harvests in the Loire Valley. We'll speak with Jean Noël Destrehem about using horses for agricultural purposes, Juliette Bouchaud about bringing plant and animal life together, and winemaker Julien Pineau about creating biodiversity among the vines.

Paris Paysanne Podcast Episode 5: Marché Ornano and Finding Great Wine in Paris

In episode 5 of the Paris Paysanne Podcast we visit Marché Ornano with local chef Mardi Hartzog and talk about how to find great wine in Paris with Thomas Vicente of Le Verre Volé and Enrico Murru of Le Mary Celeste.