Paris Paysanne Podcast Episode 9: Paris Restaurant Trends, Craft Beer in the City, & How to Buy Meat

In episode 9 of the Paris Paysanne Podcast we talk to sommelière Stefania Genisio about predicting Paris restaurant trends, Mike Gilmore about brewing craft beer in the city and, in our first installment of Buying Things with Lise, we talk to chef and teacher Lise Kvan about buying and preparing fresh meat

Stefania Genisio is an Italian born sommelière who is based in Paris. She is an art addict, who is currently working on the wine program for a new restaurant opening in Hong Kong. Follow her adventures on Instagram at @stefaniagenisio

Mike Gilmore is the former head brewer at Frog Pubs and co-founder of Brew Unique and manager of Brew Unique

Lise Kvan is a Paris based chef. She holds a dual Bachelors degree in Sociology and Studies in Women and Gender from the University of Virginia (USA), a Political Sciences degree from Sciences Politique (France), and a culinary degree from l'Ecole Francaise de Gastronomie (France). Lise has worked in the three-star Michelin restaurant Astrance, on the San Pellegrino World's Top 50 Restaurant List and, later, as personal assistant to chef Pascal Barbot. She has also worked for Sarah Mouchot and Nico Alary to start the successful cafe Holybelly. Her interests include food education, agro-technology, organic and biodynamic produce, artisanal products, and the role of gender in gastronomy and agriculture. She currently teaches culinary courses at La Cuisine Paris and is working to launch Open Food Network France. 

Joël Thiebault will return to Marché Président Wilson for a limited time only from January 16th and until he has sold what remains of his fabulous, locally grown vegetables.