Paris Paysanne Podcast Episode 7: Marché Charonne, Water Kefir, and End of the Summer Pistou Soup

In episode 7 of the Paris Paysanne Podcast we visit Marché Charonne with chef Sarah Mouchot, learn how to make water kefir with Stacey Pedersen, and try out a recipe from My Paris Market Cookbook.

Sarah Mouchot is the head chef and co-owner of Holybelly, where she creates seasonal menus using locally sourced ingredients. And also amazing pancakes. 

Stacey Pedersen Keating is the founder of the site The Modern Domestique a site dedicated to sustainably reviving Home Economics for today's world in a practical and fun way. 

My Paris Market Cookbook will be released on September 15th. Ben Nerot is a musician, professional wine lover, my cooking buddy, and really good at making coffee in the morning.