Paris Paysanne Podcast Episode 12: Wine Terroirs, Autour de l'Anne, and Buying Things with Lise

In this episode of the Paris Paysanne Podcast we speak with Bertrand Celce founder of Then we meet up with Anne Paillet, the winemaker behind the domaine Autour de l'Anne. Then we join chef and cooking instructor Lise Kvan for another segment of Buying Things with Lise

Bertrand Celce is the founder of the website

Anne Leclerc Paillet is a  winemaker based in the Languedoc and Loire regions of France. She is the founder of the domaine Autour de l'Anne.  

Lise Kvan is a Paris based chef and cooking instructor. Lise has worked in the three-star Michelin restaurant Astrance on the San Pellegrino World's Top 50 Restaurant List and, later, as a personal assistant to chef Pascal Barbot. She has also worked for Sarah Mouchot and Nico Alary to start the successful café Holybelly

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