Paris Paysanne Podcast Episode 11: Edible Paradise, Freegan Pony, and Vegan Fromage

In this episode of the Paris Paysanne Podcast we speak with Jessie Kanelos Weiner, author of Edible Paradise: A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables. Then we meet up with Gilia Bataille, co-founder of Freegan Pony, a zero-waste restaurant in a squat on the outskirts of Paris. We wrap up the show with a fun chat with Mary Jahnke Iriarte, the woman behind Jay & Joy- maker of fabulous vegan "cheese". 

© Kathrin Leist

© Kathrin Leist

Illustrator, food stylist and author Jessie Kanelos Weiner is best known for her vibrant watercolor illustrations and fine line coloring books.  Jessie writes and illustrates a popular blog about her life called  

She has written a handful of cookbooks, including a collection of American family recipes adapted to French tastes Pâtisseries et gâteaux d'Amérique (Marabout).  Her latest book Edible Paradise : A Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables (Rizzoli’s Universe Imprint), intricately explores the edible plant kingdom. 

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Gilia Bataille is a committed freegan and co-founder of Freegan Pony

Mary Jahnke Iriarte is the co-founder of Jay & Joy. You can find her fabulous vegan cheeze at Un Monde Vegan. Follow Jay & Joy on Instagram and Facebook


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